4 Reasons Why We Often Delay

The biggest obstacle to success for most people seems to be a delay. Therefore, the most important component of time management (time management) is to avoid any delays.

Avoiding delay is also very crucial if we are to realize our dreams. This requires a genuine effort, because we are directly involved in it and it must be admitted that this is indeed quite difficult to overcome. We must keep the mind stay focused on our dreams and desires keep us in achieving these dreams, so that the temptations that we encountered did not undermine our will to succeed.

There are many reasons why we put off – and all of us ever do.

1. Fear of guilt or failure
Well it seems to get bored talking about the fear of failure. But that’s okay yes I review back so much stick in the minds of the readers as well.

Many of us do not dare to start or stop doing something because we fear the fall. We also often have other fears, if we continue to take action and finally falls, we are afraid of being failed by others. Branded as a failure for most people is a very shameful thing. When in fact the assumption was probably just a prejudice, and if true to what we think of these assumptions; what’s in it for us? Do we live from the presumption of others?

But if we only talk about their hopes and dreams only, without any strong effort to make it happen, we are only limited to dream dreams, will not become a reality.

Although a goal is not achieved, try it yourself is an act of appreciation. The biggest lesson learned from these experiences, which of course by the actions. Many people recognize the person from which he attempts to do compared with the results. Act of trying is a courageous act, instead delaying action is a cowardly act. Do not be trapped by the word fear as an excuse to delay things.

2. Feeling Overwhelmed
Often we look at a destination and then feel that there are so many things to be done to achieve these goals, and ultimately we feel overwhelmed themselves. Feeling overwhelmed is eventually paralyze us, preventing us from businesses take the first step.

Determine what actions are required for each section in order to succeed. If you look at the ‘big picture’ makes you tired head, take a look at small steps during the trip. Complete a small section at a time, without worrying about the next small section. Celebrate each small successes, and without knowing one day you reach your big goal.

3. Human Nature
We naturally tend to avoid failures due to cause us pain or suffering and inclines to do things that can make us happy. So that we avoid delays, komitlah yourself to do tasks that are not fun first. Have the attitude of ‘I can’, and realize that the sooner you start, and the harder you work, then the sooner the task will be ended.

4. Viewpoint
If we see a task as a difficult thing, it will be difficult task. Rather than surrender, better see it as an opportunity to overcome. Suppose if you are required to complete a study, look at it as an opportunity to gain new knowledge and increase your mental. Dive into the project with enthusiasm, feeling that every process that you go through will improve your ability, you can change the task into a pleasure.

An irony about the delay: Many of us complain that we do not have much time, while we spend the time to sit around without doing anything, worrying about work / tasks that are waiting for us.

We do not know where fate will lead us tomorrow, so we did the best we can do today. Do not let delays bury your hopes and dreams.

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