Kal Raman, success that goes from poverty

His full name Kalyana Raman Srinivasan, but is now known under the name Kal Raman. GlobalScholar is known as a founder figure of success that goes from poverty.

Kal Raman was born in the small village named Mannarakoil, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. He was born from a successful middle-class family. But since his father died the family finances so messy. They later moved to simple House without electricity and water supplies are inadequate. His brothers had already suggested that the first child, older brother Cal, working alone need not continue school I’ll be helping the family income. Yet her mother refused. “My children have to get the best education as much as possible that I can give. Education is our Saviour, “said the mother.

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The statement was the driving spirit like Cal and his brothers to learn my best though with a potluck. Therefore although the night they did not have enough light to read the book, Kal had another way cheaper. He went to the side of the road. Under the lights the streets that’s every night she studied. “I am grateful for the lights in the street that never die,” said Kal.

Kal was able to continue the school until his graduation from high school. Even could finally graduating from Anna University majoring in Electrical Engineering in Chennai and Electronics. After college he worked at the Tata Consulting Engineers. He chose placed in Mumbai as it is a great city.

First came to Mumbai he stayed at the station. And once inside the Office he already got a reprimand from her manager because Kal does not wear shoes. “I don’t care how you dress when studying on campus. But here you cannot wear slippers. Tomorrow we have to wear shoes, “said the Manager.

Kal explains that he tomorrow morning has not been able to wear shoes. Not unwilling but had no money. He mentioned that he plans to buy the shoes were designed after the first paycheck he received. “Please do not remove me from this because I worked for my family. We urgently need money, “said Kal. “You live where?” asked the Manager. “At the station,” sahut Kal.

Cal eventually get dispensation. Not wear sandals in his first month of work, but he got a salary in advance. In addition the Manager look for temporary residence and bought a pair of shoes. “It’s the first shoes that I can have,” said Kal. The next day he was sent to his mother kid 1500.

His darting quickly. He even got a chance sent overseas, to Edinburg, United Kingdom, as a skilled computer program.From there his career ranks. Is now Kal success with the company he founded, GlobalScholar, education software company. He also personally really already raised her family out of poverty. In addition to the education he also considers the ibulah the hero of his life.

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