Benefits of Ling Zhi mushroom

Ling Zhi mushroom was first consumed by Sin Shi Huang Ti Emperor (Huang Di) at 250 BC as a medicine for a long life or to stay young. While according to the herbalist in the country’s bamboo curtain mentioned that this fungus has been used for treatment since the time of Emperor Shen Nung (2737 BC). In ancient medical records in the country especially China, Japan and Korea put Ling Zhi as the main ingredient Onat consumption is very beneficial to the human body.

 Benefits of Ling Zhi mushroom

In China alone Ling Zhi mushroom commonly known by many names such as chi zhi, ling chi, ling chih chi, ling chih, ling chi and ch’i zee. While in Japan gonaderma known reizhi, and ray-ree She-She. Meanwhile, outside of China the herbalists call a medicinal fungus with various names. Like the herb of the spirit of potency (potency herbaceous plants), the thousand year spirit of mushrooms (fungi thousand years), red fungus (red mushroom), elixir of life (elixir of life) and others.

As medicine or ling zhi mushroom ganoderma has been in production in the form of fine powder and keratan dry extract. Some of them have been made in the form of capsules containing 500 mg of pure extract. Or also in the form of packaging that can be brewed drink with water. As for health benefits and some types of diseases that can be overcome by eating mushroom Ling Zhi is as follows.

- Increase stamina

Ling Zhi mushroom is excellent for increasing stamina. This can be proved by increasing the absorption of oxygen in the blood of up to 1.5 times. It happened because the organic germanium has the properties of substances which easily reacts with hydrogen to be in the waste by the body. As is known the substance hydrogen in the waste from the body after joining the oxygen in the form of water.

In addition germaniumnya content above 800 ppm which is a stamina enhancer material quality is better than ginseng (which only contain 250-320 ppm of organic germanium). Regarding ganoderma has also agreed as a fungus that is afrodisiakum or can enhance sexual vitality.

- Preventing and treating cancer

From the results of research in Japan and the United States known positive thing that can be used as Ling Zhi Obet to deter and prevent the carcinogenic effects of cancer cells. Active ingredients in the mushroom Ling Zhi can also be used to treat cancer.

Benefits of Ling Zhi in overcoming cancer due to the effectiveness of active ingredients of the compound ganodermin, ganodermin acid and other compounds are referred to as a complex group of polysaccharides. These compounds are in addition can stimulate T-helper cells also destroy cells already infected so it does not spread to other cells that are still healthy.

- Removing the toxins

Utilization of Ling Zhi mushroom for antidote has been carried out by the tribe or tribes Indians Maya (Mexico). Usefulness as an antidote is highly related to the active ingredients in the form of organic germanium contained in the mushrooms. The active ingredient of organic germanium +32 GE is a chemical element that dissolves in water, has a semi-conductor properties of neutral and easily integrates with electrons from other substances. These elements still include compounds such antidotum sekui oxide compounds that can bind and remove toxins from the body within 20 hours.

Therefore, an organic germanium compound is very good for the smoothness of the body’s metabolism. These compounds are also useful in helping to cope with impaired renal function and launched a metabolic disposal of the remains that are not used anymore.

- Addressing respiratory disorders

The combination of these groups in ganoderma polysaccharide is a very good drug compounds in dealing with respiratory distress. Among others eradicate pathogenic bacteria that attacks the lungs, such as the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis which is a bacteria that causes tuberculosis.

Its effectiveness as an antibacterial ingredient that can be caused by substances found in fungi peptidoglukan Ling Zhi. In addition to treating tuberculosis ling zhi can be used to treat a cough and shortness of breath.

- Smooth blood bleeding

Ling Zhi can launch a system of blood bleeding, especially in helping vasodilitasi effects of blood flow to the heart. The content of some of the active compound may also help stabilize blood pressure, especially that caused by an excess of chlorine ions in the salt and eliminate it so as to prevent hypertension. The active ingredient in the Ling Zhi can also help overcome the cardiac dysfunction that is by way normalize blood disorder.

- Diabetes Mellitus

The content of acidic compounds and ganodermin ganodermik can lower blood sugar levels. It will be very helpful for people who are suffering from diabetes mellitus. Active compound in the mushroom Ling Zhi can also stimulate the function of the pancreas that produce insulin. That would be good to people with insulin-dependent diabetes.

- Enhance the immune

Ling Zhi mushroom can also help in dealing with impaired liver function, especially due to the decline of the immune system. Polysaccharide content of the active compounds contained in the Ling Zhi mushrooms can help boost the immune system. It is like the results of research performed by the Japanese health experts in Koseisho Health Department.

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