Lavender oil Suitable for fungal infections on skin

Fungal infections in the skin is sometimes difficult to cure, while the drugs used are usually also not cheap. If not satisfied with modern medicines, apply lavender oil which proved to be efficacious to overcome various types of fungal infections.
fungal skin 300x229 Lavender oil Suitable for fungal infections on skin
Antifungal efficacy in lavender oil have touted broad spectrum, which means it can kill more species of pathogenic fungi. Included among them are two groups the most trigger fungal infections, namely dermatophytes and Candida.

Dermatophytes is a type of fungal pathogen or trigger an infection of the skin diseases such as athlete’s foot, scabies, dandruff and infection under the nail surface. While candida candidiasis is a trigger that the impact can be very serious if the mushrooms into the blood vessel.
lavender oil 300x200 Lavender oil Suitable for fungal infections on skin
Lavender oil is distilled or purified from lavender (Lavandula L) contain an antifungal that can kill the fungus pathogens. This oil could damage the fungal cell membrane so that the growth is stunted and die.

Efficacy was revealed in research by a team of experts from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. The team led by Prof. Ligia Salgueiro and Professor Eugenia Pinto said lavender oil can also be overcome fungi have developed resistance to modern medicine today.

The number of fungal infections continues to increase, whereas the level of resistance or immunity to the drug also increases. Lavender oil can be a cheap alternative but very useful and do not have many side effects.

The existence of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of lavender plants actually had often expressed in a variety of previous studies. But oil has not been widely used for treatment, but more often used in perfumes and cosmetics industries.

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