Customer Service and Teller Much Interest in Banking Industry

Banking industry is often associated as “money factory” which gave the impression of prosperity for anyone working in it. Moreover, if the bank is a top bank that already has a name and achievements are known to the public. The name of the bank will provide its own prestige for employees who work in it. That is why many children graduating directed to take the field of banking studies by their parents dreams for the sake of smooth working at the bank.

Indeed today, the growth of banking business in Indonesia was considered quite rapidly. There are about 123 banks in Indonesia, not including community bank located in these areas. If we look at the Career Expo in the year 2010-2011 is often held in various regions in Indonesia, banking and finance is one of the favorite areas of the targeted job seekers. The proof is the number of queues and applications that accumulate in the stand-owned private banks, finance companies to insurance companies.

Sometimes we feel confused about what position fits with our educational background. Not infrequently we find there are some positions in banks that do not require specific majors so anyone can apply. So what are the positions at the bank and its field dilingkupinya?

• Services

positions include: call center, teller, and customer service. Description of work: serving customers, accepting deposits / withdrawals, account opening address, or check balances.

• Marketing

includes the Funding and Lending. They were what is called the Banker, the people who became a major player in the business of a bank and a supplier of funds for banks. His job is to deal with customers, seek funding comes in, offering credit or bank products, and others.

• Operation

include processing, settlement, and clearing. His job responsibility will exit / entry of remittance, settlement of transactions, bonds and securities.

• Support

include the administrative, legal, and credit analyst.

• Non-operational

include the Human Resource Department, IT, compliance, risk management, product. The scope of their work is not directly related to banking activity itself.

For now, the position in the field of services such as Bank Teller, Customer Service is the position of the most sought after by job seekers.

Income is one of the main attraction why job seekers are interested in the banking world. When viewed in terms of income, according to research results, the salaries of bank employees is quite high. The comparison with the average salary could reach 171: 1 to 5: 1. Comparison is the ratio of salary disparity between the top level to entry level. Young banking executive Michael R. Tampi, states that “In one year bank employee earns as much as 14-15 times, not including bonuses and salary increases in the banking industry this year greater than most other industries

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