Over Cleansing will cause Acne

Today many who believe that the more frequent cleaning of the skin, the more kept clean. And clean the excess skin is also not recommended and will cause acne.

Skin naturally has its own defense system. The skin has a protection against dirt, pollution, free radicals while keeping the good things in it such as moisture and oils to keep skin balanced.

over cleansing Over Cleansing will cause Acne

Everyone has different skin types. Each also has a difference in care. That must be considered is not to over-cleansing because it can be bad for the skin.

The main thing you should notice is the content of your facial cleanser products. If cause skin feels tight and very tight, meaning the product is too harsh for your skin.

In addition to skin feels tight, a major sign of over-cleansing your face in cleaning is the emergence of a rash on the face. This will damage the skin’s natural barrier tissue. So the skin becomes over-sensitive and require protection like sunscreen and supporting others.

Do not think if you clean your skin, then you will be free of acne. Just when you over-cleansing facial will be more sensitive and sending panicked response such as send excess oil. It will be very prone to acne.

The worst effects of more serious symptoms can also occur as symptoms of Seborrheic dematitis ie facial exfoliation so the skin becomes red around the head and the T zone (eyes and nose)

The key is to balance the cleansing. The face is cleaned as needed with daily activities. But keep in mind that clean the face as needed. And do not forget that naturally, the skin has its own protection. If the skin feels moist, chewy and not too tight. It is a sign you clean your face properly.

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