Do not underestimate the catfish. Foods that are easily available and cheap of course, but rich in nutrients also help the growth of the fetus in the womb and is very good for the heart because it is low in fat.

expensive catfish Benefits of Catfish for your health

Excess catfish compared with other animal products is the number of levels will Leucine and Lysine. Leucine (C6H13NO2) is an essential amino acid that is beneficial to children’s growth and maintain nitrogen balance. Leucine is also useful for the formation of muscle protein (Wikipedia, 2008).

Lysine content is one of the nine essential amino acids needed for growth and repair of body jaringnan. Including the amino acid lysine is very important and very necessary in the growth and development of children. Because amino acids are essential for bone growth and development for the child, helps absorption of calcium and nitrogen balance in the body, and nurture the child’s body that is not too fatty. Lysine contained in the catfish are also required to produce antibodies, hormones, enzymes, and the formation of collagen, in addition to tissue repair. lysine content can protect kids from cold sores and herpes viruses (Wikipedia, 2008)

of so useful that catfish, have a lot of people for catfish farming and used as a means to gain profit.

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